Sterosonic 2011

By Evie Lavers - November 30, 2011

Summer brings festivals and with festivals comes my first season of backstage work in the music industry. Tash Shanks a diploma student at CMIT offered me the opportunity to work as a volunteer along side her at the biggest electronic dance music festival ever in Australia, Sterosonic. Though Perth's 26,000 punters was only one third of the 65,000 attendees in Sydney we sure had out work cut out for us at Claremount Showground’s.

Perth came through with its fine fine weather as it never seems to let us down when showcasing out lovely city off to many of the European acts that were part of the touring entourage which included 4 times world best DJ Armin Van Buuren, LMFAO (with all 28 of their touring party )Afrojack, The Bloody Beetroots and PNAU to name a few.

My job for the day was meeting and greeting artist, registration and ensuring all their needs were met. The team from Sunset Events were organized and ready to roll from 10am. The few hours were pretty hectic but there were a few times through out the day Mike (another hip-hop enthusiast and Music Business Diploma student at CMIT) got to escape and go check out some acts. Lucy Love. That was it for me. Lucy Love is a Danish lyrical genius and her live show, stage presence was so freaking amazing. It honestly blew all me expectation out the window, out the door, and through the floor. Below is a clip from an appearance she made on Danish National TV as unfortunately I have been unable to find any live footage from her Australia shows as of yet.

Later in the evening Mike and myself checked out Casper and MC Dynamite. It was going off to say the least. The sun had nearly set but there was still enough light to see everyone moving every limb possible.  Looking into the crowd of thousands Mike and myself imagined one day, one day this snippet of a dream could be reality. Coming into the music industry I felt mixed feelings about work after I had completed my studies. Over duration of four years was I actually going to get a job title or make a career out of it? Was there going to be a job position for me in the industry? Is there enough room for me in an industry, which in some case seems to be disappearing with the GFR and the deterring record sales where do I fit in? After attending Sterosonic, a festival on such a huge scale I have no more concerns. I am a hard a worker and I are going to continue to be committed to the growth of my local and national music scene.

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