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By Evie Lavers - November 22, 2011

2011 has introduced me to many people but there are a few in the music industry in particular who have had a real impact on me. Since leaving the mining industry and being part of the Western Australian music community I feel I have learnt some very valauble lssons and witnessed some very inspiring experiences.  It's thanks to some of these characters for giving me a little or a lot of their time.

The first is my Music Business Lecture and Coarse Coordinator at Central TAFE Leederville, Scott Adam. Scott has not only designed an excellent coarse for students to take part in but has offered his personnel experience as examples of lessons that can be learnt without doing things the hard way and fucking up yourself. Watching a man being so honestly excited and enthusastic about his latest project 'Ruby Boots' displays that after years in the entertainment industry it certainly doesn't get old.  Scott has provided me with some excellent advice which included attending Big Sound in 2011 where I feel I absorbed so much information, tips and ideas that I didn't know where to even start when I returned to Perth. He has also relayed the cold hard truths of the Music Business and watched many of us in the class fall apart at times but also offered support and assistance when required. Below is a first single of the Ruby Boots debut EP 'Sleeping Alone' which I freaking love !

Before I reached Big Sound is Brisbane I created a list of people that were going to be attending the conference that I wanted the opportunity to chat with. One of them was Nathan Farrell who I admire for his work with Thundamentals and hearing him speak on the 'Sync Up: G'day Touring Down Under' panel. So I tracked down Nathan at Big Sound and whether he was ready for it not I had a series of question that I wanted to rack his brains with. So why does Nathan inspire me, because he has been in the industry for years as a artist manager and concert promoter and still had the patience and time to answer my questions. There has not been one promoter that I have met since being part of the industry that was willing to discuss his artists and experiences with-out a hidden agenda or without bag-mouthing others in the music business. Nathan shared some tips with me that I often think back to and that will help shape my business in the years to come. Below are two videos; the first is to the panel he spoke on at Sync Up and the second a clip from one of the acts that he managers Thundamentals.

On the 20th of October 2011 a legend in the Australia Music Scene and Pioneer in the Australia Hip-Hop scene Hunter from SBX Crew sadly passed away from terminal cancer. I have memories of early Hunter shows at the Hyde but they are nothing compared to the years of memories many in Australia and in particular the SBX Crew will hold close to their hearts forever. Now not for a second I am going to say I was close with Hunter, I was not that privileged. Since moving back to Perth we had brief conversations through Facebook and at shows but my admiration and inspiration comes for this man through the work he has done for his community, the support he offered to artists, the on-going production of music that he created and last the love that was undeniable for his son. Hunter has pathed the stable foundations where hip-hop will continue to be created for years to come in Perth. Below is link to a track dedicated to his son Marley and his Rappertag contribution. RIP Hunter.

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