Future Education. Hopes and Dreams and Everything In between.

By Evie Lavers - November 29, 2011

I have some how made it through 2011 and the final week of study before summer break has brought upon me thoughts of my goals and opportunity for future education. I have enrolled in The Diploma Coarse for 2012 at CMIT Leederville Campus in Music Business. Another year of being a broke-arse student living on a diet of instant coffee and Migoreing I am hoping that 2012 will bring smarter choices and wiser distribution of my time and efforts. The Summer timimg also brings into play my two projects for the warmer months. The first being my zine 'Silent Syntax' which will hopefully help to record and document the Western Australian Hip-Hop Scene in 2011 and the second a mixtape distribution strategy to deliver Western Australian hip-hop to the Kimberly Region. 

Heading into 2012 I will also start my application plan for The Seed. I am at full understanding that the opportunity to be part of The Seed is a privilege and some may say I am not ready for this movement at the beginning of my career. I feel since I have come into the industry I have displayed dedication and commitment for the industry which I am part of and the music community in which want to help develop. Over the coming years I want to learn the skills to give the artist and musicians around me the best possible chance of getting their music recorded, produced, loved and admired by this I want to obtain all the information, experiences and positive energy of the experienced peers in the industry.

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