The Mountain Goats - This Year

By Evie Lavers - November 21, 2011

This time last week I was feeling unmotivated, dis-heartened and unenthusiastic about where I was at and what the coming years held. I had spent all weekend working at the cafe and at my Nana's house so I could find some peace and quite to concentrate on my assignments, many which are now over due. I found support in The Mountain Goat's track This Year. I posted it on my Facebook page as I have found it is the easiest way to replay a song that you want to listen to 30 times on repeat that you done have in your own itunes. After posting the song Archie, a Perth MC who I have met through hip-hop gig through out the year, posted a link to his Soundcloud where he had sampled This Year. I found solace in someone else connecting with this track. "If Archie was going to be okay, if Archie could make it through this year and it hadn't killed him then I was going to be okay"

There is nothing I can see myself doing next year other than studying music. Since part-taking in this coarse 6 months ago I have experienced hard times financially and emotionally but the knowledge I have gained, the experiences I have had and the people that I have met reassure me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So today I will enrol in the Music Business Diploma Course at CMIT for 2012 and pray to God I win the Tuesday Night Oz Lotto draw tonight so I can re-connect my phone.

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