Mixtape Madness

By Evie Lavers - December 05, 2011

On the 26th of November Cortext and myself held a Mixtape Launch at Harry's Bar in Northbridge. This event was the first I had ever worked on from start to finish, a process I found very rewarding but at the same time exhausting and stressful. The role of being a promotor I found easy in one aspect as I believe in the musicians that the show was for. Down South Crew and Omac and Wish have both produced exceptional releases and to be part of this night was not just a learning curve but also a privileged to play a small part in their continuous success.

The event showcased new releases from upcoming Perth hip hop act ‘Down South Crew’ with their debut offering from Denmark, Western Australia which featured collaborations with over thirty of Perth’s nicest on their Ill Recognise Ill mixtape.  ‘Role Models’ from Beechboro ballers ‘Omac & Wish’ delivered their own brand of high energy homegrown hip hop to rupture the punter's craniums.  The support lineup included BYP, Complete and Paulie P which reflected some of our cities most prolific and innovative talent, the night was surely one for the local hip hop history books.

Cortext and I as the promoters for the event had to look after all aspects for the evening which included
  • Contracts
  • Sponsorship
  • Administration
  • Production
  • Marketing
Through this process I gained knowledge on the advantages and dis-advantages of different Perth venues, built contacts up with local street press including Xpress and the VERY helpful Aaron Rutter at Drum and gained sponsorship through DIME and Captain Of The Ship. I realized through the weeks leading up to the event how important planning and timing is to an event and the more time and effort you put into the process the less chance you have to fuck it up.

The Launch was a huge success we had 180 payers through the door and a 50 person door list. In addition we had another 40 people in the venue due to it's locals and a hen's night that was also taking place in the same venue at the time. 

Normally the highlight of the evening for me is a track or something hilarious that went down but honestly the best part of the evening was being able to pay everyone involved including all the inspiring acts, the merch person and the sound technician.

Thank you to everyone involved.. Down South Crew ( Cortext and Aero D ) Omac and Wish it was awesome working with you on this project. Our top shelf support acts Paulie P, BYP and Complete. All the guest artist that jumped up a spat a verse or two, the talented DJ's (Defyre, L-Street, Jamu, Hykus) and Yaegar for looking after all the sound arrangements on the night. The night would not have come together without the support from CMIT, DIME, Captain Of The Ship, Paul and all the awesome staff at Harry's Bar. To Chloe and Anton for being the best merch peeps ever and all my supportive friends and family who came along.

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