Skills and Knowledge

By Evie Lavers - November 30, 2011

What specific industry skills and knowledge do you want to develop through training over the semester ?
During the semester I have learnt to do a wide range tasks through a range of various systems and processes to demonstrate the best ways of achieving goals and the most efficient and professional ways to deliver information and get noticed. Below I have listed just some of the skills I learnt whilst in class

  • Produce a press release
  • Format a budget
  • Time manage a team and myself
  • Write contracts for all parties in the music industry
  • Research Synchronization opportunities
  • Branding of a business
Whilst being enrolled in CMIT Music Business in Semester 2 I was also giving the many opportunities some of these include
  • attending Big Sound 2011 in Brisbane
  • Interning for a Music Journalist in Perth
  • Working back stage at Sterosonic 2011 Perth
  • Landing a Menotorship with Elepfant Traks for 2012 in Sydney

I feel that if it was not for the advice, networking tips and time that my lectures put into the class many of these opportunities many never have arisen.

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