Fields of Stoop Disclosure.

By Evie Lavers - October 30, 2012

Some pretty little tunes for your listening pleasure...

The Stoops – Thoughts From A Stoop. Not only do I manage these talented and inspiring men but I also live with two of them. So glad this track is out on the interweb. It’s been in my head for the last week but I have not been able to listen to it as they have be recording it in our studio at home. Check out more of their tunes here. You can catch their live set at Beaufort Street Festival 17 November 2012.

I will admit I am a little slow off the Disclosure mark but if someone had showed me this track 6 months ago I would have been a lot more attentive to their talent. I have had this on repeat since hearing it yesterday. Disclosure – Latch feat. Sam Smith. I  can not wait to see these two brothers perform live at Summadayze on 6 January 2013! 

I have posted on XXYYXX before. He is an young producer from the US who's music is simply magical. You either rate it or you don’t. Obviously I do, alot.

Treat your ears x

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