Dearest Perth Emcees and Producers...

By Evie Lavers - October 15, 2012

You as an artist in the WA Hip Hop scene know our community is extremely active; our city is filled with an array of fresh, talented emcee’s and producers. Though sadly this does not show in annual reports from associations that are setup to support and assist musicians. By not being a member of associations that are vital to your success as an artist such as WAM and APRA. You are not only missing out of royalties and opportunities but it means the states music is being incorrectly documented. This means less funding for the genre, less attention and overall miss representation of the music that is being made/performed. There are some contributing factors that I can put this down to but the person held most responsible is YOU. 

If you are serious about your music, sustaining and growing our scene there are two vital things you need to do, sign up to APRA and WAM.
The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) works to ensure that composers, songwriters and publishers are rewarded whenever, and wherever, their musical works are played, performed or reproduced and help Australian & New Zealand music consumers get access to the world’s musical repertoire. In other words they collect royalties (money) for all your creative works. Offering a heap of other free services and resources such as song writing workshops, mentor programs and funding. Please, please trust me on this one. It’s free to join here and for more information head to here.

WAM, the West Australian Music Industry Association Inc, exists to develop the contemporary music industry in Western Australia. It’s $40 for an individual annual membership, which includes benefits from Virgin and Qantas, Disk Bank, Big Sound Music Conference plus loads more. It offers resources for free such as music legal advice, funding and creates opportunities for workshops and well payed performances at events.  One of my fav’s is the Schools Alive program – you can get paid to play in high schools through out WA! WAM is there to help and assist you, sign up here or click here for more information.

I wrote this post for three reasons. Firstly it will help you on your journey as an artist by signing up to both these associations.

Secondly out of frustration, this is honestly one of the first things you should do if you are serious about your music. I get musicians asking me all the time for advice and it shits me to tears when they have not done these two things, I know I must share this feeling with many that work in the music industry.

Thirdly, I attended the WAM Annual General Meeting at the beginning of the year and true to god I was embarrassed. Embarrassed to be part of a community that holds an exceptional reputation for producing a high standard and quantity of music. I’m pretty sure I was the only person in the room that is heavily involved in our hip hop scene, so I sat there quite proudly. But when the hip hop statistics were read out I was so so disappointed in the results.  There was not one hip hop performance in the Schools Alive Program for 2011, only 6 people attended the Curtis Blow Hip Hop Workshop, only 15 submissions for Urban/Hip Hop Song Of The Year and only 10 hip hop release were documented for the year. And when they say release they mean ANY single, EP, Album, or Music Video.

Pretty much, it’s up to you as an artist and a community. Now that I have shed some light on the situation please do something with the information I have just shared with you. If you find the forms to hard or you don’t get one of the questions hit me up and I will help you out. 

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All my love

Evie x

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