Boys Suck But These Tunes Are Great

By Evie Lavers - October 04, 2012

It’s been a while since I have posted. Though it hasn’t been that long since I have written. I have five lengthy submissions that are incomplete, this is mostly due to busy schedule I have been living and the heavy heart I have been caring with me. My career, family, friends and living situation is beautiful. It’s actually dazzling but it wouldn’t be life if everything lined up, right? So I let a boy in. I know I shouldn’t have but all of a sudden I found myself head over heels but being hurt at the same time. Somehow I forgot that little saying “always look after number one”. Stupid boys or maybe silly me. I got burnt 2 years ago a promised myself I wouldn’t end up back in this situation, suppose we don’t always learn from our mistakes first time round. A break up is never a breakup without the perfect soundtrack to drown or dance your sorrows away too. So here are some little tunes that are helping me get over him that are worthy to be shared.

Micah and Philly Blunt played this last Monday afternoon on their radio show on RTR. It also appears in the Stanton Warriors Summer 2012 Mix, Alex Clare’s Too Close is a stunning arrangement.

Sarah Pellicanio has been singing with The Stoops over the past few months. Her stage presence is energetic and polite whilst her voice is soulful and soothing. Last Sunday afternoon she did a Destiny’s Child cover that brought me to tears. Here is the link to her Soundcloud so you too can see how comforting her talent is.

Last but certainly not least my girl Angel Haze, thanks to Sparkles for putting onto this insanely fast female! She has a 14 track album out called Reservation which I am addicted to(free to stream) My two favourite songs off it this week are New York and Werkin Girls.See the links above and below.

That's all for now X

P.S Boys Suck!

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