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By Evie Lavers - October 10, 2012

Good Blog: Informative news, real humor or entertainment. Often built and published by someone with a brain. 

Bad Blog: "School sucks", what you had for lunch, why your depressed because your 14 year old boyfriend dumped you and its the end of the world.

I have been writing this little baby for over a year now. Along they way I have come across a few other gems I really adore. I have listed them below, in no particular order, so you can enjoying the sharing experience.

1. Adventure of Ebony – Ebony is the gurl that introduced me to bloggin. Years ago we lived in a small mining town called Tom Price. I introduced her to Frankie mag as she introduced me to blogging. She shares all the sweeter things in life on her charming online log book.

2. Hilarrieous. I met Larrie one night at the home of the underground, Ambar Nightclub. Her Boyfriend Mat Cant was playing a set which was trap heavy, it actually blew me away. It’s a fashion, music and lifestyle blog!
3. Sarah Pellicano is going to be a star, it’s only a matter of time. She’s new to the blogging realm! Sarah started this blog so her friends, family and fans can follow her music journey. Note: Sarah is performing Baby Boy by Beyonce tomorrow night at Hip-Hop Karaoke at The Bird, come down! 
4. The Bootleg Blog. Philly Blunt is a friend, someone I work closely with that I also admire and look up-to emensly. His blog is a result of hours of sifting through tracks to deliver the best bootlegs banging around! 

Happy reading lovers x

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