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By Evie Lavers - October 12, 2012

On the August 24 last year I posted the goals I had planned for myself personally in music industry for the coming 18 months. They were: 
  1. Attend South by South West 2012 and establish new contacts national and internationally.
  2. Use community support and networks to make the trip to SXSW to its full potential.
  3. Write a successful grant application.
  4. Put on a successful TAFE assessment event 'Friends with Benefits'
  5. Participate in an Internship with a record label such as Modular, Elephant Traks, Illusive Obese Records etc.
  6. Pass Cert 4 in Music Business. 
  7. Complete an application for the The Seed.

Wow, I really do set the bar high for myself. Dreaming BIG should be my middle name. Though I didn’t make it so SXSW I did attend Big Sound Music Conference in Brisbane (the Australian version of SXSW) and attended Fuse Music Conference in Adelaide. From these trips I obtained an internship with Elefant Traks in Sydney –tick. A second internship in Perth with Jump Climb – tick. And landed the most rewarding job ever with Boomtick – MASSIVE TICK! The grant application is still to happen and the TAFE assessment which ended evolving into a hip hop gig kicked arse! Cert 4 completed though The Seed application was written but I never submitted it due to other commitments.

So I sit here and reflect and regroup. What does the next 12 months have in store for me? I believe in setting goals and smashing them to pieces, fanaticizing about opportunities that are so fair fetched that when I share them with people the roll their eyes but smile politely.  I would have loved to go to the US but that little thing called money sometimes seems to stop me I my tracks. Below are my goals for year to come:

  1. Book a working holiday to the US.
  2. Write a successful grant application for an artist or project I believe in.
  3. SUBMIT The Seed 2013 application.
  4. Work as a team with Boomtick to sellout Breakfest 2012. Establish fresh and innovative ideas and concepts for upcomning events and projects.
  5. Continue to work on Chics in Music Business with my ladies!
  6. Get The Stoops on Big Day Out 2013 Festival line-up and Triple J radio play.
  7. Meet Iggy Azelia 
So there they are. Hopefully you will come on the journey with me for another year, thanks for all your support.

Love Evie x

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