Black Out

By Evie Lavers - November 24, 2012

There is a sweet girl that lives in the inner streets of Perth. I met her around this time last year in a Leederville backyard. Over the last 12 months we have become lovely friends and both her and her partner Joely are two people in my life I admire and respect dearly. Her name is Mon and she publishes a fresh and fashion savy blog Mon Amie.

 (Mon and Joely)

Now, I don’t claim to be fashionably fabulous. Actually I don’t claim to be fashionable at all. Though I like to dress well and fell good about the way, I look I have always shied away from the outfit posting thang. BUT when I read that Mon was organizing a fashion blogger challenge, I found it hard to resist! Apologies to my music readers as this blog is taking a little step towards the white, bright and neon lights for the next seven days as I partake in Black Out…

Have you ever wondered what your city would look like if just for one day, not one person was allowed to wear black – not even one iota? Would people behave differently? Would people be less hurried and more carefree?

"Black Out” will be occurring from the 26th November through to the 3rd of December. For one whole week I have challenged a group of bloggers to ban black and embrace the beauty of colour.

The challenge will be documented through their Blogs, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and Facebook accounts. You can find associated images by searching the hashtag #blackout, #anythingbutblack and #banningblack.”

Sounds hard right? I am going to endeavourer to do this but I am also going to post a track with every outfit. One that  reflects the way I was feeling that day or had on replay! Did I mention there is a total ban on black shoes and bags too!  You can follow my progress here (on my blog) on Instagram (According2evie) and at the links below:

Ensure you hit up Mon’s blog here. You will also find a list of other bloggers who are taking part in the challenge oh and check back monday evening for my first ever outfit published post!


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