Proudly a Boomtick Employee

By Evie Lavers - August 28, 2012

Boomtick Office Crew minus Micah and Tim

 It’s kinda old news now but I thought I would give you a lil update of my first real (paid) job in the music industry! A couple of months ago I received an email asking if I would be interested in an interview at the Beaufort Street office, with know other than… mother-fucking Boomtick Events. In case you didn’t know now do, Boomtick event owns both Ambar and Villa Niteclub’s and hosts large scaled events including Major Bass, Parklife and Breakfest!

Marika and myself

I think I did okay in the interview, well I got the job so I guess it means I did. I was so excited that a didn't stop talking the sole time I was in the interview, I don't think Liam or Kasey got a word in! I have been in the role of Marketing and PR Assistant for 2 months now. I get my own office, a brand new PC and I get to put in a stationary order for gel pens. SCORE! Oh and there is super cute office pooch. The office is freaking hectic with Parklife 2012 a matter of weeks away but I am slowly learning to balance full-time study, part-time work, The Stoops, family, friends and funnel times.

Champagne anyone?

I have posted the pictures from the Parklife 2012 Announcement party that Mandy took for me, even though it was a little while back. Over the next week I am going to be super busy, not just with Boomtick happenings but with The Stoops! They are nearly ready to release their new single Buried Alive as well as performing at 3 different shows this weekend including the opening set for Illy and Chasm. I’m off to book their flights now for their first ever Eastern States show at The Upstairs Beresford on the 15 September. Stay tuned lovers x

With the Syrup boys Tristram and Cam

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