St. Jerome's Laneway Festival

By Evie Lavers - January 31, 2013

There are five radical reasons I'm totes excited for Laneway. Imma gonna share em with you!

[Creed Birch & Richie]

1. I'll be hittin up the festival with Creed Birch and his bestie Richie. They are so good at dancing. And smoking cigarettes, they are really great at both those things. 
We are going to have a fly time.

[THEE Dress]

2. I have an excuse to wear this totally rocking dress again. This vibrant little number is a bridesmaids dress; my mother wore it to my Aunty’s wedding back in the day!

[Sweater Weather - The Neighbour Hood]

3.I will get to hear ‘Sweater Weather’
 by The Neighbourhood LIVE!

[This is Matt]

4. At the festival I will be meeting up with my friend Matt McMullen. He’s from Fremantle. 
Drives a Big car and works at Drum Magazine. 
Bonus: This will be the first time I meet his partner too! 
How I lurve LOVE and meeting new peeps.


5. Alpine. 
Do I really need to explain how or why these guys are so rad?

There are plenty of reasons why the rest of the country is excited. Below is run through of the acts on the lineup!



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