Ghyde to Summer Baby

By Evie Lavers - February 05, 2013

It’s a summer, social phenomenon that has swept over many of the 20-30 hooligans that live and like to party in Perth. Really, when you think about it was the guidance from our parents that have brought us to the jetty of wet and wild, fun times. How so you may ask? Well the typical West Australian kid started swimming lessons in Year 1. The majority of childhood birthday parties were based around the family or public pool. And as we entered our teen years the beach hosted many drunken occasions and with the river nursing our hangovers. The move to bangin' boat parties is only a natural progression that I'm totes blaming the olds for. Dang, I aint taking responsibility for my sunburn, hangover or luck of funds for a path that they paved for me! 

This Sunday we gather, once again, as tiny little ducklings on the banks on the river to celebrate. To celebrate and create “Apple Tree moments”. You know those times when you were a kid (or sitting on Bulwer Street roof) you know with your lil' mateys and you feel like the king on the world. With your friends by your side – whether it be the top of that apple tree or sitting on that god damn red roof! Analogy stolen from the lovely Mama Kin, keep an ear out for the track ‘Apple Tree’ from her forth-coming album The Magician Daughter! Song explains it all.

Anyway, the Ghlyd to Summer Cocktail Party Boat departs this Sunday morning at 10am from Barrack Street Jetty and you’re totally invited! Ticket Price is $130 which includes all ya drinks, BBQ lunch, salads and snacks. DJ’s on the decks (Evie made a pun) are Philly Blunt, Tha Beatslappaz, Beatsmack, Get More, Genga, Miss Demeanour (my girl) and Grantley Hyde.

Let’s get fu*king rowdy! For more information or to purchase tickets here’s the link: GHYDE TO SUMMER COCKTAIL BOAT PARTY


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