Breakspoll 2013

By Evie Lavers - January 24, 2013


Last year Breakfest polled an extremely admirable third (behind Shambhala and Burning Man) in the 11th International Breakspoll Awards. For those who know what Burning Man and Shambhala are you can imagine how incredibly stoked we were to be placed against such mammoth international events. 

[last years Breakspoll results]

So what is Breakspoll?  Well, its all about recognizing the best of the brokenbeat scene and by scene I mean the world! It combines online voting that's culminated in the Breakspoll Awards, which then gets presented live on stage. This year in Cable, London.

[Breakfest 2012] 

So I was wondering if I could ask a tiny, weenie favor... If you could care to take maybe 42 second out of you day to vote. There are a few sections but you don’t have to answer all the fields for your vote to count!

All you need to do is vote for BREAKFEST as best large scale event and if you feel like supporting our local boys on the international scale then vote for BLACK & BLUNT in best Breakthrough producer and Breakthrough DJ. Oh and if you  like reppin' the ladies, vote for my dear friend Lady Waks in the Best Producer and best DJ. She rocks!!!

[Lady Waks and I]

I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about Breakfest again. I promise, if you vote next time we meet I shall kiss your forehead. Twice.


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