Sydney 2012 - Part One

By Evie Lavers - April 04, 2012

My Internship at Elefant Traks was an educational and rewarding experience. Spending time at the Elefant Traks manor with Tim, Dale, Richie and Owen reassured me that I want my future endeavors to be in Australian Music industry with a strong involvement in the hip-hop scene. Whilst I was at the headquarters I observed the working aspects of how an independent record label comes together and the day-to-day roles and tasks that need to be completed to do it successfully. We discussed management styles to copywriter quires; I assisted with touring research, backline bookings and artist career mapping and improvement. I realized that living in the most isolated city in the world does change things dramatically. The East Coast business dealings do differ to our sleepy little death toll town and I am not just talking about the 3 hours time difference.


Whilst I was in the SYD I attended the Music NSW “Making Music Your Business” seminar, which was held at an inspirational space The Rocks Pop-Up, Darlinghurst. Hugh Sanson from Moneypenny, an International entertainment financial services group gave excellent tips and advice for musicians and people starting out in the music industry. A point that I particularly liked is that we, musicians and music biz peeps, can claim tax on Foxtel! Kate Taylor spoke on the Sydney Hot Desks/ Hub program wish had me wishing that Perth’s rates for such initiatives were the same price as the East Coast. Nathan Farrell from NFEntertainment (management for Thundamentals and Laneous & The Family Yah’s ) touched on his experiences and involvement in the Australian music scene as a manager and concert promoter.

I tried to see as much live music as possible while I was in Sydney. This wasn’t too hard as Elefant Traks had five of their artist on the label touring around the country. I managed to catch yet again another set by my favourites Sietta at The Loft UTS. James and Caiti from Sietta have switched their set up by adding an acoustic segment to the mix. It gave an intimate insight to their music, that I had not witnessed before. After the gig we headed to The Hive bar with Sydney based emcee The Tongue. It was a funky little venue in Eskernville where the lovely Miss Josie Styles was on the decks and we enjoyed a few too many vodka cranberries. I also had the pleasure of meeting KillaQueez emcee Kween G who I have admired since she did the collaboration with South Rukkas Crew a few years ago. Quick Tip : South Rukkus Crew’s Mix Up Album is a must in any CD collection.

Friday - an evening that I will never forget and can’t wait to relive at The Rosemount on the 14th of April when The Herd come to Perth with their 1000 Lives show. The energetic Thundamantals boys and fresh-faced Sky'High are the supports for the national tour which kicked off at The Manning at a sold out Sydney University.


Sky’High is an act I have been watching closely since she signed to Elefant Traks earlier in the year. It seemed an unlikely addition to the Elefant Traks label. I will be honest in saying I was slightly confused with the announcement but when you see this stella performer live you will see for yourself why a label would snatch her up. Her stage presence is powerful and honest. Her raps are raw but polished. This is defiantly a lady you want to watch. By the end of her set she left the crowd warmed up for an massive night of what the Australian Hip-Hop scene is. Supportive, diverse and entertaining.

I attended the show with two of my dearest friends Leigh and Sakr, who I had been staying with whilst I was in Sydney. This was to be their first hip-hop show ever. Thudamentals delivered a killa set which turned my friends into instant fans. With Taka taking the time to personally shake their hands at the end of the show converted these hip-hop virgins into born again Thundacats.


The Herd are a passionate and generous group of individuals, all quirky and hilarious in their own little way. Sharing stories and photos of their children and personal achievements in their world outside the familiarity, which is The Herd. These admiral musicians, chilling together, in the Green Room demonstrated love they have for one another, the music they produce and the live show they perform oh so well. Which brings us to their set.

The progressive hip-hop act have been making music together and touring our country as a renowned live performers for over ten years. Reinventing many of the crowd favourites, remixing originals with funky instrumentals and performing new tracks of their latest EP gave their loyal fan base what they desired.  I’m not going to tell you too much more about the set because you should really get along to their new live show and see it for yourself. But I will sat this this the latest design of Herd shirt’s and hoodies, available at the shows, are fucking great !!


Part Two of this delightful trip will be posted in the next few days as soon as I get through my assignments. Happy Easter Bunnies xxx

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