Easter Adventure

By Evie Lavers - April 19, 2012

I have had some great personal accomplishments, spied some delightful new opportunities, met some fantastic new friends and been working my arse off over the last month. High fives right here, I handed in my major assignment today on The Stoop's Artist Career Plan so now I don't have to look at it until I get a re-submit hooray !! I'm not sure if many of you know that the very lovely Miss Parker and I have moved in to an amazing inner city space that has been named by the flamboyant Zar Lake Life. I have never wanted to own my own home until I dwelled in this beautiful, polished floored board, high roved cottage. I'm in love with four walls.

Easter was unexpected. It all started Thursday night when I gave stage managing ago for my first non hip-hop event. How freaking different is it right ? Jump Climb held a successful night which took control of both Capital and Amplifier Bar and headlined Eastern States artist such as Tonite Only YesYou and my absolute favourite act of the evening The Medics. Their mythical stance with their grunge rock presence gave the punters a show you had to witness for yourself, as no describing words would do these boys live performance justice. 2.30am rocked around and I found myself with my best boyfriends. Once again hanging in the inner city suburbs of Perth for what was suppose to be a very chilled weekend quite quickly turned into a weekend adventure to Melbourne.

We achieved all the goals we had set out, not that we set our standards very high but we accomplished what we were in Victoria to do ! Go to the footy. Get drunk. See some live music. Dance. Eat pie face ( note: there are no Pie Face stores in Perth) And somehow get back to Perth by Sunday so I could see my Muma who was visiting from up-north. I had the privilege of meeting the inspiring and super fun Chloe from Sefton Jane and catching Joelictics set at The Espy. Boy, that guy has charisma oozing from every vessel in his body. It a pity I can't say the same bout the venue. Ha ha it reminded me of what the old Hyde was like until they revamped it. It smelt the same too !

It was quite fitting to watch Wu Tang Clan from Glastonbury 2011 on my flight back to Perth, how far has flight television come... I like the little things in life. Like jumping on the plane and the is hip-hop in my face. Maybe I turn insignifcant events into signs to often in my life. Positivity is magical and my imagination in unlimited. I am looking forward to the future. The people I surround myself by, I am looking forward to being apart of both their journey to come and my own too. 

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