My Week Of Loss

By Evie Lavers - April 19, 2012

On Tuesday's one of my favourite people in the world left Perth for the big smoke of Sydney. I honestly can't blame him. I long hard to also be residing on the East Coast. I haven't know Harry long, maybe a few months but his love and caring nature for every one around him is pure and honest. I have never met anyone, anyone at all that will come and support you at your gig no questions asked. No how much is it or who is playing queries. No I have other plans or how do we get there questions. With Harry it seemed if it was good enough for you to be going, he would be there by your side. We need more people like that supporting our art and music scene. To Sydney.. Show him what you got but I plead with you to share him across all genres. Good luck Harry, you are honestly one in a billion.

Last year my dear friend Josh brought me 2 beautiful hermit crabs for studying so hard throughout the semester ( I was being a little bit of a hermit myself believe it or not) I named them Crab Stick and Crab Cake, they were the light of my life. They were also the stars of many drunken betting races at my old house, the start of many imaginative early morning conversations but mostly importantly they were my babies. I used to bath them with Mini Me from Austin Powers with fresh salt water from the beach. Sam Josh and I would choose weekly movies they could watch, well not watch just you know hang out with famous peeps, they were down with heaps of celebs. They died last Thursday. It has been a very dramatic process but with the support of my close friends and family I think I can get through this. I just thought you should know.

Sucks hard when you loose people. Or pets. Any advice or tips ?

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