Spotted. Supafest 2012. Perth

By Evie Lavers - April 30, 2012

My bad. I totally forgot to add one of the personal highlights to my last post on Supafest 2012. Off William Street and down a little ally that also backs on to a large parking lot that more often that not doubles as a flip and trick ground for some of Perth's well known skaters you will stumble across G.F.T.E.D. Guns For Toys Earnest Design is an Apparel, Art and Events shopfront that homes two young designers. On any given day the boys will be painting, creating or constructing something magical and more often that not hip-hop related. It's always great to see people you believe in being productive, continually aspiring to reach their goals and succeed. That's why I wanted to share with you this cool cat wearing a GFTED holster that I met in the crowd at Supafest.

Drop in and check out their awesome store at 7/189 William Street, Northbridge or their threads are online at

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