Elefant Traks Internship

By Evie Lavers - March 25, 2012

In approximately 9 hours and 16 mins I will embark on my trip to Sydney. Over the last few months I have been hustling just about everyone around me and a lot of people that are no where near me to take a little look at my baby blog. The blog all started last year whilst I was studying Certificate 4 in Music Business. It was suppose to be like a study blog but after Big Sound in Brisbane I realised it was a way for me to connect and communicate with people. A way to share my experiences, write reviews and recently interview personalities that interest me.


I attended Big Sound to learn, gain as much experience as I could and make as many stable contacts in the industry as possible. I also wanted an internship with a record label. I am still not completely sure if I want to work for a record label or have my own. Though I have hoped in my mind that interning for one would give me more of an idea about the way they work instead of just reading about it them in my text books. I think I got to about 5 different representatives from different labels while I was at Big Sound. The way it has all out worked, the label that would give me the opportunity to intern with them is the label I admire the most in the Australian Music Industry... Elefant Traks.

My Favourite Herd song - Starship Troopers 

Elefant Traks in based in Sydney and was founded in 1998 by members of The Herd. "The Elefant Crew believes in creating challenging yet adventurous music which blends hip-hop and reggae in an attempt to appeal to and alter a rock dominated musical landscape in Australia" They are responsible for signing artist such as Horrorshow, Hermitude, The Tongue, Urthboy, Astronomy Class and more recently Sietta and Sky'High.

So I'm pretty much freaking out but I'm going to be fine. I feel like a child the night before their first day of "big" school and back then I was fine. I will be updating the blog when I find time over the week but you can now follow me on Twitter at the link below and get updates on my Facebook like page.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/According2Evie
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