Kaslo Jazz Festival 2017

By Evie Lavers - July 20, 2017

"When I saw the lineup for Kazlo Jazz Etc fest, my eyes immediately gravitated towards the third line. Charles Bradley & his Extraordinaires. I’ve been a fan of Charles Bradley since I first heard his single, Strictly Reserved for You, some years ago.  It was released through daptone records, and it rekindled my passion for soul music.

People’s expression of soul through gestures, words, action, music, dance, and art, are beautiful, and moving.  You know an expression of soul when you come across it, because it resonates with something deep inside you.  A little tile at the centre of your mosaic begins to vibrate, just a little part that you had forgotten belonged to you.  You can feel it vibrating against the rest of your pieces, and the rest of the pieces are starting to vibrate too.  Just like that, you’ve been woken back to life, from the soul outward.

I think that people who live to express their soul, their essential life force, become something spectacular.  You can see Charles Bradley’s soul, etched in the lines of his face.  You can hear his soul when he sings, a vibration of pain, joy, love, and life, rippling through the tones of his voice.  Needless to say, I’m really, really excited to experience his performance at the Kaslo Jazz Etc Festival in August.

Of course there’s a tonne of stuff going on at the festival.  A Tribe Called Red will deliver an electronic beatdown, par excellence.  Good vibes will surge and swell as Los Lobos power through the chords of La Bamba. BADBADNOTGOOD will sheppard crowds of revellers through a rich soundscape of electronic and lo-fi jazz. Children and families (and childish adults like myself) will delight at the plethora of activities, workshops, and performances.
But for now, all I can really think about is Charles Bradley, and his extraordinaires, belting out the high notes of Victim Of Love. Perhaps I’ll be lucky, and he will do a rendition of his cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Changes. I’ll have to wait to find out, and I’m literally counting down the minutes as we speak."
By Thomas Hutchinson

Kaslo Jazz Festival is at Kaslo Bay Park, BC | August 4-6, 2017
For event & ticketing: www.kaslojazzfest.com

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