Astral Harvest 2017

By Evie Lavers - July 13, 2017

Earlier this year I did a feature with Stickybuds, he gave me a list of his most memorable festivals in Canada to play at. Astral Harvest in Driftpile Alberta(this weekend) being one of his all time favourites to play and party at! With the added bonus of my German brother Martin Horger being announced of the fun and funky line-up I've been counting down the days to this 4 day music and art camping adventure. 

Below are my top five acts to see this weekend, with their set times, where they're playing, links to my favourite mix for you to listen to on the drive to Alberta!

Come check Kelsey's set workshop at Angelica's Basket on Saturday night, expect spoken word in its raw, real and evocative form as well as a couple of uke jams. Oh and you can ead Kelsey's 5 Tips for a bountiful Astral Harvest here!

Unfortunately I'm no longer able to attend Astral Harvest as I've just scored an amazing opportunity to head North to work on Artswells Festival. Kim will be covering the festival instead, follow her story on Instagram here for live updates from all the stages!

And lastly, if you feel like having a YOLO weekend, you can purchase your Astral Harvest ticket here

Safe travels festival fairies xXx

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