Mixed Relief - The First Edition

By Evie Lavers - January 15, 2017

I'll never get tired of the 3am Facebook message from Aimee in the desert "Oi mate, I'm having a party & the tunes are sh*t, what's the name of that mix" or the international text from buddy old pal Azza "Whatareya listening to, I need something to smash out in the gym". Or even my Mumma "we're having some people over for margaritas this Saturday afternoon, what should we play"!

So for your listening pleasure & to impress your mates when you are fighting over the AUX cord at the next kick-on I've curated a 3 part series of some of my favourite mixes for all of the occasions. Please subscribe here for the next instalment, then click here to bookmark this page of your FB -for easy access in times of need!

On The Way To The Dardy Pardy 
Whether your driving to the club with the lads in the back, gettin' ready with the girls for the boat party or checking into your hotel before you stroll down the road for some festival fun. Here's a few favorites that will get your dardy pardy started! Please note these are a little heavier in the bass department!
Let's Party Awn To The Early Morning
Both of the first these mixes we're created by Perth DJ's and are my go-to at house party tunes. The second two are pretty fun compilations from Skream b2b Disclosure + Torren Foot - perfect for lounge room dancing in the early a.m!
Hip Hop Happy Hour 
Perfect for cleaning the house. Blast loudly for gardening.  Craft nights and Fringe Festival festivities this summer. The last mix is one something for the ladies. On that classic RnB tip! 
Chill AF
Sometimes, as you get older. As the night turns to day. As the reality of partying on a Wednesday night with work in 3.5 hours becomes a reality of a long 14 hours double shift. We find ourselves appreciating the more delicate less loud and more silent claps in music production. Here are some of my favourite chill-out mixes, some from unlikely contenders such as Zeds Dead & Neon Steve.

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