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By Evie Lavers - January 18, 2017

Sometimes I have these mini panic attacks. Anxious thoughts. If your not a big music lover or listener it might sound pathetic. Or Petty. But sometimes I find myself freakin' the f*ck out. With a speeding brain and sweaty hands. Thinking to myself "how the hell am I going to listen to all this epic music being produced. And how much am I missing out on?"

I also wondered if others shared the same thoughts.

See, I've been listing to ALOT of new music the last 4 days. But yesterday I had an immense feeling of disappointment when discovery Mick Jenkins. After first hearing his collaborations with BADBADNOTGOOD (#1 fan girl right here) I headed to Mike's Facebook fan page to find it already liked by a dozen of my mates. I was suddenly saddened. I was late to the boat. Had I been sleeping under a rock? More factually, I'd been hidden in-between a heap of HUGE rocks in the valleys of British Columbia.

Luckily I'm going to give you the opportunity to avoid this feeling. That's why I've shared his track 'Jazz' with hopes you'll discover some of his other lyrically soothing tracks much like I did. As you scroll down you'll also find a few other artist's that I've been listening to. All starting with the letter M...

Perth represent. This track is SO FUN and the video is making me all levels of homesick; Marksman Lloyd with KAYO on their sizzling summer anthem 'Didn't Know'.

Last year there were two tracks that I had on repeat. On that flirtatious internet rap tip. The first being Baby Blue by Reis, the second Caroline by Aminé and I've just added Mac Miller's 'Stay' to that list.

Moving to Nelson has introduced me to a whole new music community. Really digging this Footwerk curation of melodies from local legend Mooves.
And last but not least. Actually, my favourite in this list is my My Nu Leng. OMG, My Nu Leng. This mix is superb. Track selection on point. Got me counting down the days until I'm reunited with my Shambhala Sister Girls (Ari front and center please)!With that in mind, I'm crossing my fingers for a set this year back at the farm!


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