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By Evie Lavers - December 06, 2016

 “Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.” 
― Roy T. Bennett | The Light in the Heart

On the 14 November 2016 Sydney engineer, entrepreneur a dear friend of mine Georgina North, launched a social enterprise business called North Spice. Gina's a mega bebe and maybe the most intelligent person I know.  North Spice is her baby. A crowdfunding campaign aiming raise $10,000 with an anti-oxidant rich, revitalising range of Golden Turmeric Latte products. 
And the profits, they go to supplying India's Urban poor with solar power electricity. I'm honoured to be working on this project with Gina by assisting her with the marketing and PR in which we are 49% of the on achieving our $10,000 goal!
See North Spice does not only taste flipping amazing BUT all the cashola raised is donated to Pollinate Energy - a charity and social business that is combatting climate change and global poverty in India. Pollinate Energy, also co-founded by young Australians, provides affordable solar lighting and other sustainable products. Since their inception in 2012, Pollinate Energy have installed over 17,000 solar power systems, saving 2 million litres of kerosene and 20 million kilograms of C02 emissions, reaching over 75,000 people in India. 
So when you purchase North Spice (before December 31 2016) your not only going to receive a high-quality turmeric latte blend but you will also be supporting our social enterprise whilst consciously changing you purchasing habits. 
So far we've raised nearly $5000, but we still need to raise another $5000 for our crowd funding campaign to be successful. Unfortunately, if we don't make our goal of $10,000 by December 31 2016 we wont get to keep any of the funds raised and our project will be forfeited. So we're asking you to dig deep, pledge and amount & get some of Gina's golden latte blend in ya! 


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