Ambar's 13th Birthday

By Evie Lavers - September 09, 2015

Over the coming weeks I'll be uploading events I have creatively designed & marketed whilst working at Boomtick Events. If you were there I would love to hear your feedback! 

Ambar Nightclub's 13th Birthday 
Theme | Underwater - NOT Under the Sea (EW!)

"2 Areas; Down in the club & Silent Disco in the Laneway

 'I Was There When' pin-up board: write your fave Ambar memory from the last 13 years + pin it up! 

Poppin' refreshments - get in early for those | Visuals by King Neptune (the Atlantis Marine Park guy) 

 Face Painting | Dress-up box | Cameo by Scuba Steve"

What to keep wet with the upcoming events at 
Ambar Nightclub head here


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