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By Evie Lavers - September 22, 2015

Today I've teamed up with Marika Mazzucchelli, Head of Communications at Boomtick Events! She's a Twitter Wizard who's supplied us with her top Twips (Twitter Tips)...

As a budding musician, producer or DJ – getting yourself established on social media is understandably pretty overwhelming. Between Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter it’s hard to know what to do and when to do it. But having a solid Twitter profile is essential. It’s more than a place to gripe about broken instruments (or dreams) it’s fantastic to help promote your music and connect with fans (and other folk in your field – any idea how many people have successfully scored a remix/co-produced track after a Twitter hook-up? A LOT).

#1: Build it
Find the musicians/DJs/producers/bands/festivals/promoters/clubs/media outlets you like and follow them. Favourite them. Retweet them. Talk to them. 

#2: Be you
Be honest. Be credible. Use your personality. Type it like you’d say it.
A Tweet doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect – just like your conversations aren’t.

#3: Don’t be a hater
aka Deadmau5. You get back what you put out; it’s a life rule really but definitely one to adhere to on the Twitterz.

#4: Engage
So now you’ve got a Twitter profile. Don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen – make them happen. Reply to people. Start a conversation. Include other people in things you say/tweet.  Link to news pieces/new tracks.

#5: Don’t live tweet soccer
No-one gives a sh*t. If they wanted the soccer score they’d follow their soccer team.

Join Marika in the World of Twitter here and me too

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