Twitter. What Da Actual?

By Evie Lavers - September 10, 2015

Does Twitter freak you the f*ck out, is does for me! I’m an Insty Gurl at heart but over the years I’ve come to the realisation that it’s a vital part to the marketing mix for any musicians wanting to get their music heard.  AND to create the opportunity to connect with other creatives, not being limited by status or lack there of. 

The first Edition of Inkind Collective will be sent out next week delivering Twips (Twitter Tips) from Boomtick Events own Twitter Queen, Marika Mazzucchelli. If you want to get it first head here Homie! In the meantime I urge you to head to Twitter, make a dope profile account n follow the accounts below;

@Marika_M -  aka M-Dawg Mazzucchelli aka Twitter Queen
@According2evie - That’s me! 
@Boomtick_Events -  Home of Clubland in WA 
@musicWA - Western Australian Music Association 
@CyberPR - All of the things
@APRA -  Australian Performing Rights Association 
@CycloneWehner - Sick Bitch Dance Journalist from Melbs
@Pilerats - For all ya’ll Music News - For more music news 
@DJStickybuds @NickThayer @TheRealShockone - To learn how tweet like a bawse

I look forward to following you back & uplifting each other in the world of Twitter! As Skrillex does to Diplo, as Flume did to Emoh, as Askillz does to Nick Thayer.


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