Yung Love: A Mixtape Series | Edition 2

By Evie Lavers - August 05, 2015

I'm SUPER excited to share this with you as I feel it's the start of something truly wonderful. My thoughts on Music is that it's good for the soul; keeping us youthful at heartYung Love is a sweet sounding collaboration, with each edition soulfully selected by one of our creative curators. The online collaborative release is handed over to a local Perth artist to design cover art that perfectly complements the mood.

Each mixtape series involves 4 fun individuals from different backgrounds. The music curator, in this case Anton, is asked to select 12 of his favourite tracks - a mix of tracks that make them feel YOUNG and tracks that they LOVE. With these  songs, our mix-master extraodinare, Beni Chill, works his magic. The result... A mix that blends better than your mums nutribullet, tunes that are smoother than Vin Diesel's chest and more interesting than his movies! The process is completed with our creative contributing artist Aolie to design the mixtape cover. And what a kick-arse job he did!

 Want FREE SH*T? Super limited-edition-sweet-as mail delivered to your letterbox from local Perth artist AolieChuck your deets in here: and I'll get one sent out to you in the coming week... Err body loves FUN mail! 


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