Isolated Yet Inspired

By Evie Lavers - August 24, 2015

4 weeks ago my life changed. Dramatically. I left my extremely rewarding n comfortable dream job, loving work crew, supportive friendship family & funny-as-fuck household in the city... to follow my dreams. 

Today I found myself isolated yet inspired. 

I’m now situated 1400kms North West of Perth living back at home with my (non-cray) parents, in the small town of Tom Price. Whilst in the process of securing a job on the mine site. I’m doing some freelance work with a crew of extremely talented Perth creatives and am working on evolving Inkind Collective 
with Ari over the next 6 Months.

[Pictured Jerome | Jonte | Alison | Aolie]

Since being here I have got my Learner Plates (for those who don’t know, this is a MASSIVE deal for me) and I’ve released the 2nd Yung Love Mixtape with Beni Chill, Anton n Aolie! I’ve started working with Perth Fashion Designer Jonté on her Designer Hire range & I'm working with Arerolse Acrobatic Jerome Davenport on a tour of the States in 2016. As well as assisting Alison Draper and Aolie on their first Art Exhibition in December. With all these commitments you think I would be flat out… Not so much, we’ll kind of, but not at all.

See I’ve been extremely manic since making the move. Which isn't always a bad thing but I’m very cautious when it comes to my mental state that “what goes up must come down”. Since leaving my job I've had hundred’s of creatives thoughts, business ventures and  #CraftOverShaft concepts racing around in my head which has made it really hard to stay focused. Pottery Projects, styled wedding shoots at Karajini and a Floristy App have been competing for my mental 
attention Until today. 

After doing a call out on FB for inspiring music and all the wonderful suggestions I received, it brought me back to what I love most of all. That being music. So today I made a promise to myself to stay focused on the freelance work, Inkind Collective and the most importantly the music.

Some of the suggestions were so on-point that I could not share them with the world, so below I have created a small playlist named 'Isolated yet Inspired'.

Thanks to all who contributed, I hope you enjoy as much as I did! 

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