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By Evie Lavers - July 09, 2015

 Illeven:Eleven Recordings label boss Keith MacKenzie's contributions to breakbeat can’t be overstated. After honing his skills as a DJ in the 90's Florida scene alongside luminaries like DJ Icey, DJ Fixx and Infiniti, Keith's move into the label game sought to combine his various influences under one roof. This Saturday he joins a MASSIVE Major Bass line-up with Koan Sound, 
Kill Paris and Culprate! 

Q. Beatslappaz: After many years of top notch production work - what would be your one essential tip to all the aspiring producers out there?

A. Keith MacKenzie: My #1 tip to Producers: Don't get tunnel vision. There's tons of different kinds of music out there to get inspired by.  I love your tunes by the way!

Q. Beatslappaz: After many years of top notch beard trimming work - what would be your 1 essential tip to all the aspiring beard trimmers out there?

A. Keith MacKenzie: If I told you I'd have to kill you.  But for real tho the detailer is where it's at hahahah -

Q. Beatslappaz: What are your top 3 plug-ins and why?

A. Keith MacKenzie 
1. Sausage Fattener:this is a go tool for thickening anything up from a phatty kick to a big synth..very simplified interface but super powerful.. use it in the mastering chain as well.
2. Serum: a relatively new plug in from genius Steve Duda, this soft synth has everything dope from screaming Dutch leads to thick complex bass.
3. Waves MaxBass: a weapon for making the subs and 808s big in the mix. Super powerful and extremely clean.

Q. Miss Demeanour: Will you have a funnel with me? Ps I love you.
A. Keith MacKenzie:  Right back atcha!  If having a funnel is some kind of invitation to have an alcoholic beverage with you, then the answer is Hell yes

Q. Childish Antics  How do you get started into production?
A. Keith MacKenzie:  I was a DJ for about 4 years until I got into the studio with Fixx for my first record in 2000. Master Fixx has taught me a lot over the years.

Q. EMAS What is your current stance on music piracy and illegal downloads. What would you like to see labels/producers adopt to battle this?

A. Keith MacKenzie: I don't think there is much we can do about it. If people want it for free, they usually get it. I guess Im just happy they want the music

Q. According To Evie Who's your favourite DJ to play B2B with and why? 
A. Keith MacKenzie: Fixx (we have been tagging for 15 years now) and D:RC (long time illeven:eleven collaborator) from Athens, GA. All together we make up the bass music trio “Smookie Illson”!

Saturday 11 July


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