Black Out: Day One

By Evie Lavers - November 27, 2012

After only 5 hours of sleep my alarm went off Monday morning. I was sleep deprived due to a massive day of frolicking and drinking in the sun at Sterosonic (for the record Foreign Beggers were my highlight). Anyway, the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed let along choose what I was going to wear for the first day of Black Out.

Sunglasses were a must but the also let me down – being black but other than that I did swell. Pale pink pastel beaded sandals, ¾ length mustard skirt, brown belt, white thick strapped singlet, pink cardi, all wrapped up with a vintage scarf and gold earrings. 

Cat Power’s latest track Cherokee was stuck in my head the whole day. It was somewhat soothing. I am looking forward to seeing her performing live at the Perth International Arts Festival next year. Here's the link to purchase tickets, if you are keen to come with.


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