The Substance, Chriso and Me

By Evie Lavers - July 10, 2012

The Substance are a Perth based electronic band consisting of 2Ray (vocals) and brothers Brock and Steele Carter (modules and keyboards). Their sound incorporates Big Beat, Electronica, DnB, Hard Breaks, Grunge, Rave and Dubstep. The boys launch their latest EP Audio Bushido this Saturday at Villa. Their EP has been the talking point for many in the electronic music industry both locally and over East. As The Substance are predicted to follow in other recent success stories from Perth including Pendulum, Shockone, Knife Party and Phetsta. So where’s the Evie connection?

I have been attempting to write this post on The Substance for the last few weeks and everything keeps coming back to Chriso. Sitting in front of this freakin Mac book for days trying to pull it all together but the words won’t come. Chriso was Bert and I was Ernie. Best mates. Like all good long-lasting friendships we had our ups and downs. But at the end of the day he was an amazing lad that never let the truth get in the way of a good story.
It’s hard to explain how Chriso’s presence in my life influenced my music knowledge and how it contributed to where I am today. But it did.
His personal playlist was forever changing and his passionate back catalogue dated well before we were born. We would have arguments for hours of what to play. Biggie or Dre. Pendulum or Prodigy. Rage or Pearljam. Tiki or Illy.  Endless days, sitting with the boys at Barb’s.  In the middle of the Pilbara, throwing back Johnnie Walkers listening to Stevie Nicks. Pumping Muph and Plutonic whilst playing tennis on the PS2 at Holsty’s flat. As Chriso would give us a detailed and hilarious run downs on what we had missed out on whilst we had been at work.
Chriso spoke so proudly of his high school mates back in Perth, The Substance. Telling us how “fucking sick” their music was and how massive they were going to be. Numerous 5AM gardening ventures were synced to The Substance.Chriso over exaggeration everything, though it seems that his prediction and belief in The Substance was spot on. As these three lads launch on their exciting careers (which I am confident will be an inspiring story to witness,) I wish them all the luck and look forward to their highly anticipated show.
You can still get tickets here, I have mine already. From the conversation I have had with their peeps, it is one show this year, that should not be missed.
RIP Chriso. Fucking miss ya face x

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