Man Bashes Parking Inspector.

By Evie Lavers - July 23, 2012

One of Australia's favourite spitting sons returns again with both charm and cheek. His tight melodic rhymes partnered with one of Hermitude's soothing yet futuristic beats. I spoke to the The Tongue today on the remix and the clip. That's hilarious, not that we would expect anything less.

How did the remix of Hermitude’s HyperParadise come about? I'm a huge, hardcore Hermitude fan, they are world-class producers and performers and the two nicest guys you'll ever meet. As an MC its hard to hear something as great as their music and not be tempted to rhyme on it...just for fun. So thats what I did and people seemed to like the result. 
What kind of relationship do you have with the Hermitude boys? El Gusto (one half of Hermitude) produced most of my "Alternative Energy" album so we are really good mates and have a healthy respect for each others approach to music. Dubbs is just  one of the best dudes ever. I sent them the remix and they dug it so I asked if I could do a video aswell and they green-lighted that too. I hope to work with them more in the future, in a more official way. 
The clip captures a scenario with a parking inspector. Did the concept for the clip come from a personal experience?I just thought - everyone hates parking inspectors....and its every man's fantasy to Kung-Fu the shit out of one in broad daylight. We had a friend who was a martial arts expert/UFC fighter and he was really keen to be involved once we told him the idea. Then Shaun Dougherty the director just made it look amazing so I'm stoked. 
What is on the cards for The Tongue for the remainder of 2012? I'm hard at work on the 3rd album and am getting ready for the Sprung Festival in Brisbane in November; which looks like it will be a historic day for Australian hip hop and my biggest show ever. In the meantime there will be more videos and perhaps even a single or two out before the end of the year. Right now the main focus is on the next LP which will be out in 2013...Cam Bluff is the main producer and he is incredible...this record is sounding mighty healthy, I'm really excited.
You can download The Tongue's HyperParadise Chillin here for free. And you can get yo tickets for Sprung 2012 here.

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