FTW Bring the Booty Breaks

By Evie Lavers - July 18, 2012

This Saturday night Villa nightclub will hold the biggest mid-year party for 2012. The Godfather of breakbeat will join the Cutline lads and Nick Thayer for the inaugural MAJOR BASS. The local line-up hosts Mr. eD,  with JS and Bezwun combining their fresh skills and delivery to bring to you that FTW feeling. In case you have not witnessed the warm-up party these boys bring, prepare yourself for bass heavy booty badness. Below is an interview I did with the boys about where they came from, who they are and where they are going!
How did FTW come together?
JS: Bez has always been a basso soldier after a few kick on’s with the Ambar Crew at my house Bez and I came to realize how much we had in common. When it came to loving 808 drums and in plain sight booty breaks we got really keen on the idea of forming a duo. Specializing our sound by bringing a broken party to the people as well as bringing back the booty breaks momentum. There just was not enough of it getting played around town and definitely a need and desire.
Bez: I started kicking around with JS and learnt we shared a common love for a certain style of music. Ideas got thrown around loosely, to team up and deliver this sound. After much debate on the name, we came to agree on FTW which was sketched on a notepad in the early hours of the morning!
 Describe FTW’s sound?
JS: 808's, 909's, ghetto vocals and a kind of bass that you just can't help but shake your money maker to. Raw, stripped back, simple yet effective.
Bez: Our sound is derived from the party style of Breaks, Baltimore and Electro. Bass heavy. Stripped back percussion and full of killer vocals. All fused with scratching, mashing and visual energy. Our sets are primarily aimed for the warm up period where the music needs to start getting people to party.

What’s artists are on high rotation in your life at the moment?
JS: Keith Mckenzie, Curtis B, Icey, DJ Arc, Hump Day Project, Athson, Rel 1.
Bez: DJ Fixx, Curtis B, Icey, Columbo.
Who are your main music influences?
JS: Malente, Diplo, 11ileven, Elmo is Dead (aka Emoh Instead) Krafty, A-Skillz plus many more.
Bez: Miles Dyson, Napt, Columbo, Aggressivnes.

What has been your most memorable performance as FTW and why?
JS: Every set we play seems to always leave us just as pumped as the crowd but if id have to pick one, it would most likely be either District or Challenger Ready earlier this year at our one and only home of the underground here in Perth, Ambar nightclub.
Bez: Challenger Ready early this year. The club was heaving and the bass could be felt from the floor to the roof!

What local Musician, DJ’s Producers do you admire?
JS: Hykus. He hasn't blown up yet but he soon will, it’s only a matter of time. Look him up on Soundcloud or Facebook and you'll see what I mean. He's a music guru.
Bez: The success story would be Pendulum as they have progressed in leaps and bounds. Shockone has always had an admiration of mine.
How do you describe the Perth Music scene/community?
JS: Tight and close nit. Everyone knows everyone and if they don't they will. Here in Perth we are constantly evolving and growing as a group. We bounce off each other and we support one another,  there’s a lot of talent here and it just keeps coming.
Bez: I think it is healthy and growing. We are seeing people committing and regularly supporting the local nights and clubs. There is a massive sense of community within Perth. Regardless of the genres, I see that music really brings people together. The promoters especially have seemed to really start delivering great gigs in great venues across Perth. I think that represents how strong and healthy the Perth scene is.

In the coming months what are FTW working on?
JS: We've been working on a few booty's for a while now. With playing gigs and paying the bills we've been finding it hard to find time to fit production in the mix. But we have some solid FTW style booty in the pipeline! We'll be previewing some of it at major bass.
You’re playing Major Bass, warming up the crowd before Rennie Pilgrem, Cutline and Nick Thayer hit the stage. How did the opportunity come about?
JS: We are J4 residents who are known for our love of bass music and booty breaks. The transition from Major Breaks to Major Bass was right up our alley in terms of genre so I guess it felt fitting.
Bez: We have a great relationship with the Boomtick crew. My guess is they would of chosen us due to our love for bass party music and also our warm up skills to get the crowd moving before the headliners!

So what do they sound like? What's their flavour? Here is a link to their Soundcloud for your listening pleasure.

For your chance to win a double pass to Major Bass this Saturday night just email evie@jumpclimb.com with your name phone number. Oh and chuck Major Bass in the supject bar. Winners will be drawn Friday at 3pm. Goodluck x

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