Future Music Festival 2012

By Evie Lavers - March 08, 2012

You can't argue that the Electronic Dance scene is not one of the strongest genres in our country right now. 39,000 punters travelled, what felt like half way to Gero, to Joondallup Arena for a day of hip-hop, drum and base, happy hard-core, world music and everything electronic in between. The sweltering weather was never going to hold back the well-dressed hipsters, mining bogans, trance veterans and fresh faced dub-step fans. They flocked on trains, buses, taxis and and limos to the seven staged event.

It takes a lot of components to pull together and congregate such a large number of people let alone an outdoor music event. The last 5 years festival promoters have struggled with lineup announcements from artist that have over saturated the market and rising ticket prices resulting in poor ticket sales. Perth's 2012 festival season events that were electronically based music such as Sterosonic and Future have lifted the bar. Let's meet some of the punters and performers that made Future Music Festival 2012 such a success.

Box Guy and Friends shared with me that Flux Pavillion were fucking awesome.

 Brayden and Ash trekked to the festival from South Lakes to see Liverpool hero's The Wombats belt out such hits as 'Let’s Dance To Joy Division' and ‘Kill The Director’ off their 2007 debut album Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation.

Morf Suit Guy and Mask Man, as they asked to be named, were at the event to enjoy the day itself as if the music came second. Skulling their water, cough cough, I mean vodka the twosome where in the prime position to see Knife Party, only 4 hours early !

Bill representing the East Coast attended the festival with one motive in mind... to see his idols Fat Boy Slim. Trina another punter who travelled from South Lakes ensured me that she was not going to miss Gym Class Hero's Tinie Tempah and Skrillex.

Morgane, a bar runner for the day, was enthused at being at the festival even though she was working. Hopefully knocking off in time to see German DJ, electro lord, Paul Van Dyke.

North Beach dwellers Kurt and Cale commented that The Naked and Famous killed it. Hoping that Die Antwood and Skrillex would have the same impression later in the day.

Kate and her two friends ( who are clearly eyeing off Morf suit guy ) said she was enjoying the chilled out atmosphere and was looking forward to The Raptures set.

It takes all different people to make the world go round. It also takes all types to sell enough tickets to make a festival successful. The absence of Jessie J was well noticed by 'Ninja' who explained to me that he was drinking water because he was thirsty and had nothing at all to do with the four years in jail he just did. 

The beautiful pop-rock-indie chords of New Zealand outfit The Naked and Famous returned to Perth again engaging in a stella sunshine performance to the Perth crowd. Their female fans dressed in floral attire with their preppy boys in hand singing word for word to there chart topping hit 'Young Blood' was and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon.

Perth Pioneers and resident Ambar DJ's Black and Blunt ( Micah and Philly Blunt ) stepped up their set to a roaring home crowd that dipped and double-dipped to every switch up the duo dabbled in on the decks. The Pure Blonde Dome homed a very impressive lighting spectacular. Projecting images on to the crowd and to the sides of the walls to the timing of the music. The mix of scenery and the beat took me in a place that was far away from the craziness of what was happening outside the walls.

 Note: Clip above is poor but shows the amazing lighting show in The Pure Blonde Dome is which Black and Blunt's set was performed

I'm going to be honest and say I am not a hug fan of headlining act Swedish House Mafia but hearing them drop 'In My Mind' featuring local Perth singer /songwriter Georgie Kay's track was a personal highlight of the day. Hearing the 18 year old vocals echo over a ground of over 15,000 gave me a sense of hope, inspiration and determination not to give up. 

 There were slight sound hiccups on the Main Stage, in-particular Chase and Status's set. Oh and something went way wrong with Ruby Roses CDJ's but their presence and appreciation by both acts was not frowned upon. Limited shade and phone reception caused some kids a little distress but isn't that what the Australian festival culture is about. Music. Sunshine. 
And Friends...
The old ones you came with and the new ones you left with.

Mellon Events is to congratulated on such as amazing day. For me it was one of the best festivals I have ever been to. Thanks to James, Pat, Pony and all the Boys for being such sicko's.

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