The Backyard Project: Hip Hop Edition

By Evie Lavers - March 13, 2012

In Collaboration with The Backyard Project, for the Launch of their radio station, I held my second event. Over 18 hours of entertainment included sets by Silence, L-Street, PJ Q-Bik, DefKon and Spitfire, Jack Magee, Gav-T, Boris Abesit, Aaron Matchitt, Gregg Harnett and Sebastian Morxx. As well as a six wall graff display and emcee showcase. This is how it rolled out. Review insert taken from Colosoul Magazine by the very lovely wrote  Kayla XKembri

-Welcome all to The Backyard Project-

"Imagine the last Sunday sesh you attended: the sun, the tunes, the drinks, the best company… Now envision a hip hop version: add in five hours of live graffiti displays, throw in a live MC battle, place it into a suburban backyard, shake it all up and broadcast it live on real-time radio. You’ve found yourself at a BackYard Project Party.

-And It Begins-
Debuting on Saturday February 11, the BackYard Project commenced an intense 18 hours worth of live music and partying, with a bill of DJs booked until almost 6am the following morning. DJ Silence warmed the crowd for the first few hours, until the MC battle started. Anticipating the drop at 2:30pm, the yard was filled with a quiet hum of MCs practicing their lines, jittery first-time performers rapping quietly amongst one another, surrounded by respective groups of heads nodding and cracking smiles at the clever lines.

-Silence Opening On The Decks-
As the loudspeaker rang out, the 14 enlisted MCs watched eagerly as their names were arbitrarily drawn to determine the face-offs. The first round of battles showcased a diverse range of talents and styles, from those having never stepped foot onstage to some of Perth’s biggest hiphop heavyweights. The supportive crowd gathered tightly around the stage, fervently waiting with bated breath. While the rules only specified a that 50% of the content be freestyle, some of the more audacious MCs attempted complete improvisation; MC Trooth in particular, opted to deliver his entire ninety second spiel solely based on objects he commanded the audience remove from their pockets and hold up in the air.
-MC Trooth On The Mic-

As the battles carried on and MCs dwindled from the original 14 down to the last two, the final round saw a nail-biting face-off between MC Trooth and Bidder. The crowd was held in suspense, as the hosts chose to take the opportunity to thank the MCs. They all took to the stage, each for a last short-and-sweet show. 18-year-old M.A.C. stole the attention in an a-cappella explosion of lyricism and charisma, sending the audience into cheering hysterics. The MCs collectively delivered line-after-line of hilarity, obscenity, reality and everything in between.
-Backyard Crew-

The People’s Choice award was given to a very-deserving Zar, the only female contestant and a first time performer. In the fourth and final round, the judges decided that MC Trooth was to take home the title.
-Zar And Parker-

Each of the MCs: Ol Nighter, Haste, Yells, Asap, M.A.C., Syde, Treble Clef, Bidder, Mc Trooth, Stats, Ares, Misfits, the Empty Cup and Zar were all deserving of the praise and congratulations tendered for the rest of the day by a very impressed audience.
-Me... Stressed The Fuck Out-

Be sure to keep an eye on the Blaq Magic Innovations and BackYard Project Party websites for the aftermath in photos, if you were crazy enough to miss the event in person! "

And here it is guys.. The link to the awaited Vimeo...

The Backyard Project's next event is this Friday at Villa. Please see the poster and link below and continue to support Perth's First Electronic Dance Music Station.


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