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By Evie Lavers - February 28, 2012

Late last year the very inspiring Natasha Shanks and Bruna Chiovitti established that there was a need to unite all the great girls in the Western Australia Music industry together. They had mentioned the idea to me some time ago and it had been sitting in my thought bank ever since. Whilst at Fuse 2012 I observed the 'Women In Music' panel which left me feeling invigorated and enthused about this idea.

Bruna, Myself and Natasha

On the 28th on February our ideas were put into action as we held the first 'Ladies in Music - Simultaneously Come Together' Meeting. The Rosemount kindly let us use the space of Bar 459 and OneUp Microcinema donated a door prize.

The idea of the night is a monthly get together. A Networking evening primarily to get women in music business together, to support and help, by educating and initiating ventures we deem important in the industry. The night rolled out better than imagined, we had Scott Adams of CMIT give a speech on the courses that Leederville has to offer in the Music Business Genre, testimonies from all the attendees, discussions of future events, ideas and job opportunities. Sorry Boys.. you aint getting any of the juicy bits !!

Our table of essentials 

So I just decided to google Women In Music and look what I discovered... "In February 2009, Q Music initiated a focus group of women from the Brisbane music community. This focus group meets on a regular basis to discuss different ideas including new ways to increase the level of engagement of young women in the music industry. Women in Music 2011 is the first event to stem from these focus groups meetings and will be a one day forum for emerging and aspiring female artists and music industry workers " Women In Music, QLD. Sound similiar. I have posted the link below and I will be getting in contact with these women, that are doing great things in there state and will report back at our next meeting.

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