K+Lab X Motion Notion 2017

By Evie Lavers - May 01, 2017

Question: How do spell funky in NZ?
Answer: K+LAB

Bass Beat Maker. Master Mixer. Keytar King.
With a truck load of tracks signed to Gramatik’s Lowtemp, The Funk Hunters’ Westwood Recordings & Opiuo’s Slurp Music labels, if weren't familiar with his insanely awesome originals & remixes you're about to be!
And the best part (for all you Canadian kids reading) he's here to stay for the summer. With an added bonus of new music in the works with The Funk Hunters, Slynk & Def3 too! Coincidentally we're both heading to Motion Notion Festival, August 24 -29 in Golden, BC. With such a scrumptious smorgasbord board of electronic acts on the menu, I asked K+Lab who I should check out while there & why?
Koan Sound
"They're at the top of their game in sound design and bass music. These guys will have some of the freshest, phattest & cutting edge sounds to share with us. I know they're about to drop a new album so I'm sure we will be sampling some of that at Mono".
"The French duo bring some of the most high energy Drum & Bass I've ever heard.  I've done a few shows with them in Australian & New Zealand and I love how they switch up between genres! You can hear electro, breaks, dubstep and DnB in a matter of minutes. They also know how to party and are super nice dudes".
"A relatively new artist I've been hearing a lot of lately, she has a really unique style which I think will work well at Motion Notion!"
"One of my favourite Drum & Bass producers. His DJ sets are a good cross section of intelligent, liquid and rolling tech drum n bass"
"These dudes have some chunky glitch & a great signature sound! I like their balance between hip hop & glitch without being too glitchy/geeky. Straight up get ya booty shaking good times!"

Want more K+Lab goodness? 

He just dropped the bass banger "Rock the Funky Beat" check it here! Oh and make sure you wrap your ears around his extremely funky release 'The Wordly's LP ("Pull Up" being a personal favourite.


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