Marten Hørger 2017

By Evie Lavers - May 12, 2017

Reminiscing about slammin' sets I've seen in different cities n who I've witnessed the most of them in different countries, Marten Hørger tops my list. From blazing at Breakfest in the Belvoir bowl in Australia, Feel Festival in the summer fields of Berlin & the hard-to-forget silly Seville experience Spain I now look forward to be adding Canada to that list. With the meeting of my favourite Bacon lovin' German brother on the horizon I caught up on where we left of, talking tunes... 

How would you describe the sound of music you’re producing right now?
I've been thinking about that for a while to be honest. It’s House vs Trap vs Breaks vs Techno somehow. The most important thing for me is that it is unique as I can make it. A friend of mine called it 'ATTIC' the other day...I liked that!

Is it different to what you’re playing out in your sets?
In my sets I play pretty much everything that influences me. That could be House, Breaks, Drum n Bass or Trap. But a big part of it is my own music.

You’ve recently teamed up Canada’s own Neon Steve to deliver 'You Don’t’ is this the first time you’ve teamed up on a track and how did the collaboration come together/what was the process?
Steve stayed at my house while he was touring Europe. He told me that he had writers block. So I said "let’s get in the studio & do something that is purely fun. No boundaries, no genre politics". One night later we had 'You don’t' and his writers block was gone! It stayed at #1 of the beatport bass charts for 4 weeks.

It’s been a big 2 years for Punks Music which you’re signed too. As the label evolves has it’s success contributed to you as a solo artist?
Yes, I’ve been a part of the punks family from the early days. It’s so hard to do stuff that is unique, and once you do something unique it’s even harder to get noticed for it. Now we’re getting recognized on a global scale, it’s so fulfilling. We've created our own sound, festivals and producers as well as music fans want to be a part of it. So yes, it has definitely helped me as a solo artist as well. Thanks to everyone who helped making that happen!

Your returning to Glastonbury again this year. How was your 2016 experience?
I have seen so many festivals over the years. But Glastonbury is in a league of it's own. They sell 250.000 Tickets within hours. It’s crazy. You’re walking around for days, discovering new things. You might walk down a hill and find a stage with Coldplay in front of 30.000 people that you never heard of. Just to find another stage with Fatboy Slim in front of 15.000 behind the next hill. It’s so cool to be a part of such a crazy thing.

You’re one part of Smash Hifi (with ex-Prodigy member Leeroy Thornhill) what can we expect from you guys this year?
The album we just put out did super well... which I’m eternally grateful for. The whole concept of the project is to tour as a electronic live act. Lucky enough, we have achieved that a lot earlier than we thought. Apart from touring with my solo stuff I’m also doing a big European festival tour with Smash Hifi this year.

Your Motion Notion family welcomes you back, for the fifth year in a row! Why is MoNo so special to you and what makes the festival unique?
It’s the whole vibe. The place, the people, the organizers... it’s so awesome. Especially for me, coming from the other side of the planet it’s like nothing else. The whole crew, the regular attendees and me have become a family. I wouldn't miss it for anything!

You’re also playing some other outdoor parties in Canada this summer, where can we catch you?
Hell yeah! It’s Motion Notion, Shambhala Music Festival and Astral Harvest!!!

And lastly, if you could choose any artists (dead or alive) to perform with or play B2B who would it be?
Leeroy Thornhill. I can’t imagine that it could be more fun with anyone else!

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