Volunteer at Canadian Music Festivals

By Evie Lavers - April 17, 2017

Whether you’ve been slogging it out in a ski resort on minimum wage or you’ve spent your 2016 tax return on a one way flights to Banff to pop your pow-cherryhole (#worthit). Or maybe you brought your ‘dream van’ leaving f*ck all coin in your pockets... reality is, summer is coming!

Now, I don’t want to stress anyone out but British Columbia's just and blissful AND expensive in the summer season as it is the winter. The mountain landscapes stay lit longer, the nights become balmy and every weekend you’ll find one if not several events going down. All of sudden the thought of living the “Canadian Summer Festival Dream” whilst trying to recover from what was the biggest winter bender of your life might seems financially unachievable.
Never fear Evie is here (that’s me)!

Below is a list of Summer Festivals that for a V limited time have volunteer position open. There are no promise you’ll secure spot but you can try!

KAMP Festival Open Now


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