Zeke Beats | Shambhala Series 2017

By Evie Lavers - April 13, 2017

Coming from Perth, Australia I've witnessed local DJ's touring internationally to hundred of party punters in Bali to Ibiza on the reg. More often than not these are clubs that are going to be poppin' given any cheesy 90's pre-planned playlist. Nice booking if you can get it! But Zeke Beats (originally from Geraltdon, WA) is pulling a different crowd. His own crowd of left field bass lovin' hard core, committed fans!

Zeke Beats opening Shambhala Festival 2016 - Amplifier Stage 

I had no idea how much Zeke Beats had blown up in the States until we setup camp at Shambhala 2016. Of course seeing our home grown hero open the festival we were pumped. THEN when we meet the 'Booms & Claps' crew camping next to us & how ecstatic they were too, our momentum grew. We found ourselves standing with hundreds. Our new found Fam Sham. A huge crowd of Zeke Beats Fans. What an extremely magical moment that was! As we both head back to the farm I took some time out with Zeke Beats to get an update since our last interview?

You’re half way through an Australian & NZ Tour supporting you ‘Dispatch EP’, how have the show’s been so far?
The shows have been really fun, seeing people get down to my new music is always a great feeling! Although flying back and forth from Perth takes quite a while, it’s all definitely worth it!

The EP itself has received an enormous amount of support from artists all around the world including Bassnectar, Porter Robinson and Eprom. How does it feel living in the most isolated city in the world knowing those lords are throwing down your tracks to crowds of thousands of people?
I am super humbled and stoked to see my idols supporting the music which I have created, it really is a dream come true and it also gives me a lot of inspiration to keep pushing and believing in my particular production style.

You’ve recently uploaded two videos displaying your talents as a scratch DJ & Turntablist. In your younger years you competed in DJ comps, being crowned many awards including Australasian IDA DJ Champ, Qbert Skratch University Valedictorian/Skratch Champ '10 & Australian Vice DMC DJ Champ. Do you crave the competitive environment of the scratch world and is there any chance we’ll see you participating in these types of event again?
I feel that part for my history has been done, I used to be all about competitive dj’ing and I absolutely love it still, however I have transferred that love and passion to my music production (hopefully you can tell) :) You will most definitely be seeing me flex some of my skills at my shows though!!

You also have are the co-owner of Lab Six an Electronic Music Production & DJ Training Centre based in Perth, How’s it going?
Lab Six is doing really well and have been filling up to capacity every term for 4 years now! Being an artist and also employing other artists as teachers has been hugely valuable, after all if other people see us doing well, we must be doing something right…..right?

In 2016 you played the first set at Shambhala, opening the Amphitheatre Stage, how was the experience?
Shambhala was absolutely mental, as you know Evie, it was my all time goal to be able to play at Shambhala, so fulfilling that dream was a beautiful experience that I was lucky enough to do.

Catching Zeke's set at Shambhala 2016!

And your returning for 2017! For any artists or punters heading to the Farm this year is there and tips or advice you could give them? 
  • Get ready to have the best time in your life, it truly is an amazing and unique festival
  • Try and get a shady camping spot!
  • Also remember to test anything you may be using, as I witnessed a pretty big issue last year where someone bought something which they thought was “x”, and had a really negative outcome because it turned out to be “y”!
Tickets to Shambhala 2017 have sold out but you can try their Ticket Exchange page here!

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