Canadian Festival Guide with Stickybuds!

By Evie Lavers - February 06, 2017

[Shambhala 2016 shot by Ariana Visuals]
British Columbia is known for epic mountain culture, superb snow, and some of the nicest people in the world.  The province’s luscious natural landscapes are blanketed with enchanted forests, which surround peacefully meandering rivers, that flow between rocky shores toward crystal clear lakes.  On the riverbanks and lakeshores are a host of spiritually charged chill zones, many of which serve as the venue for some of the best boutique music festivals in the world.  That’s right, as a compliment to world class adventure sports and outdoor recreation, BC throws some of the best outdoor parties in the universe! Hidden deep in the woods you may just come across the funkiest place on earth, known to its inhabitants as The Fractal Forest, which is hosted, maintained, and curated by some the freshest and finest musical talent the BC Province has to offer.  In this case I’m talking about Stickybuds! As this is only my first year living in this outdoor fantasy festival dreamland, and the high festival season kicks off in a few months time, I thought I would get an expert opinion on which events to snatch up a ticket to, and why. Please step to the mic, Stickybuds
"This is my home. The best festival I have ever attended in the whole entire world. The amazing stages (Fractal Forest Represent), the people, sound systems and of coarse the music. This year will be my 13th year playing at it, and 17th year attending." 
August 11-14, 2017 | Salmo, BC
12,000 attendees | Sold Out 

"This is a truly awesome festival up in the mountains of Golden, BC!  Really great music and sound systems, all set in beautiful scenery. I've played 4 times here I believe." 
August 24-28 | Golden, BC
 5,000 attendees|$269

"Bass Coast is a very uniquely curated place. Fine attention to detail in their stages and music selection. I really like it. Definitely one of Canada's best festivals. Also there's lots of art and culture going on in and around the camps. I played here in 2011 and attended as a patron in 2016. I had an absolute blast both times!"
July 7-10, 2017 | Merrit, BC
4500 Attendees | Sold Out 

"This is such a rad party in Alberta. I've played here 3 times. Always a blast, filled with a lot of energy, creativity & colour!"
July 14 - July 17 2017
Driftpile, Alberta

"This is a bumping festival on the East Coast of Canada. I had a great time playing there a few years ago. Really good people, nice line-ups  and filled with culture." 
 Moncton, New Brunswick
30,000 attendees with 10,000 campers

"Situated up in Northern British Columbia, they have their own special festival, Awakening. It's small and cozy but filled with heart, cool stages and funky beats. I played the first 2 years of the festival and had a really great time."

Big thanks to Stickybuds for taking the time to team up with me on this one! You can hear his latest collaboration with Skope here and catch his bangin' mix for Shambahala 2016 below...

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