Yung Love; A Mixtape Series | Edition 1

By Evie Lavers - June 26, 2015


Yung Love; A Mixtape Series
Edition 1 | Beni Chill X Little Miss Mon Bon X Anna Keepa

Music is good for the soul, keeping us youthful at heart! Yung Love is a sweet sounding collaboration, with each edition soulfully selected by one of our creative curators. The online collaborative release is handed over to a local Perth artist to design cover art that perfectly complements the mood.

Each mixtape series involves 4 fun individuals from different backgrounds. The music curator (a selected Perth creative) is asked to select 12 of their favourite tracks - a mix of tracks that make them feel YOUNG and tracks that they LOVE. With these 12 songs, our mix-master extraodinare, Beni Chill, works his magic. The result... A mix that blends better than your mums nutribullet, tunes that are smoother than Vin Diesel's chest and more interesting than his movies! The process is completed with our creative contributing artists mixtape cover design. 

Little Miss Mon Bon is a 20 something sick bitch, werking hard to be her own GIRL BOSS! She’s often caught daydreamin’ about her self-replenishing wallet which allows her to an endless supply of Laphroaig! When she’s not propped up in front of her laptop somewhere on Beaufort St blogging, you’ll probably catch her devouring fresh fruit or Red Wine! It’s either one of the other with this fresh faced sick bitch who has thing for Elephants n Giraffes!

Anna Kepa is everything but your average Joe! She’s craftier than the Beastie Boys, funnier than your humorous, and as her name suggests; is a total keeper. This unique specimen can be seen lurking around Swedish furniture stores, preying on the stylish design & drinking blueberry-iced tea. Her vices include watermelon & fried chicken (katsu ofcoarse!) And it’s recently been proven that if Anna isn’t creating something or making you laugh, there’s a 99% chance that she’s scrolling through pictures of of baby otters. Madd props go to this sick bitch on the design!

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