Glengarry Glen Ross

By Evie Lavers - June 06, 2015

Last week Chloeand I headed along to the Health Ledger State Theatre to see the Black Swan Theatre Companies production 'Glengarry Glen Ross' written by David Mamet. We wrote this review to entice you to head out of your home and to do something different, something theatrical with your weekend! 

“It’s Cal from Kath and Kim, speaking in a perfect New York American Accent”. We didn’t quite know what we were in for from the opening scene of Glengarry Glen Ross, after only being to the theatre once before. The production depicts the scandals n stresses of the Chicago Real Estate market in the 1980’s in a dramatic yet humours way. 

Like a lot of us who indulge in push/pull conversation (especially in the early hours of the morning, after a big night out, with a glass if red wine in hand) the show is filled with quality banter.  Shelly, Dave, George and Ricky are all Real Estate Agents who sell undesirable property to unwilling buyers - If they don’t - they get the boot! Johns is a clever but boring as bat shit Office Manager. He sells the lads leads for cash! 

It’s a fun verbal sh*t storm with all kinds of bombs droppin’. The name calling is old school but effective – producing many memoerible laughs for the audience.  The insanely talented actors make it easy for you to connect with the characters n console with their situations. The set design really gives you a taste of the New York Real Estate game back in the eighties! 

Glengarry Glen Ross run until 14 June at State Theatre Centre of WA


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