Hot Seat: Astronomar

By Evie Lavers - May 27, 2015

We’ve got label royalty in the club this Friday us the three lords from Main Course celebrating Two Years of release real radical music. I rounded up our crew to ask Astronomar (head of A&R at the label) a few questions!  Thanks to The BeatSlappaz, Sychosis, Philly Blunt, Micah, Get More and Astronomar for taking the time! 

The Beat Slappaz: How do you scout new talent? Do you generally seek out new artists to bring to the label, or do you let them come to you?
Astronomar: a bit of both really! We all have our ear’s buzzing in different areas of the dance music landscape and we talk to loads folks, so we receive a lot of great stuff from all across the board; whether it be a demo submission or we are asking what’s up.

Sychosis: Many labels get stuck in the genre rut, has it always been your intention to be a label that releases across so many genres? What do you think is the sound that ties all your releases together?
Astronomar:  It’s not really a deliberate scheme we employ, we just love lots of different stuff. People often say "this sounds like a Main Course track" and stuff like, which is weird because I can't even identify what that sound is! But I agree there are some undefinable characteristics that do link all of the tracks we release.

Sychosis: What are you listening to?
Astronomar:  Recently I’ve been listening to lots of Fabolous mixtapes, old G-Unit mixtapes, DJ Mayonnaise. My favourite album to make dinner to is MF DOOM's Operation Doomsday.

Philly Blunt: How do you decide on a tune once submitted?  3 way vote?
Astronomar: Yeah we usually just throw music at the 3 headed beast that lives in Bot's basement; if he approves, then we roll with it… or if two of us feel VERY strongly about a track we push it through without deliberation.

Philly Blunt: What is your favourite after gig meal?
Astronomar: PIZZA! Plus Bot is Italian so its on-brand!

Micah: Main course puts out so much music, do you just have bucket loads in backlog or do
you keep pressure on your artists to get tunes finished and submitted regularly.
Astronomar: We always have lots planned, but we are always have our ears open looking for interesting material! When the music moves, we move.

Get More: Between the three of how do you delegate the roles and responsibilities of running the label?
Astronomar: We kind of slid into our positions naturally. Our roles are actually very similar to those of the dynamic of our friendship. We are just a few good friends that run a label together. The label is kind of like the fourth member of the crew.

Astronomar will be joined by Neoteric and Bot, along with local legends Philly Blunt, Mo'fly n Egg Noodle this Friday! 


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