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By Evie Lavers - April 23, 2015

In August 2013 we were blessed with THAT mighty Hot Cakes Sessions mix (below). This is the mix that got me excited about breaks again! With the announcement of Mafia Kiss on the 2013 Breakfest line-up his music quickly circulated around the Perth breakbeat fam. His set, in the bowl, on Boxing Day lived up to the delivery of his booty bass production. So did his parting antics, which we have grown to love that is the cheeky prankster from Bournemouth.

Joining us in the Hot Seat this week is Mafia Kiss, with contributed questions from BeatSlappaz, Miss Demeanour, Philly Blunt with a  special shoutout to Sychosis in the States! 

Q. Beatslappaz: We love the deep vibes going on in the broken beat world right now ... do you think it's here to stay for the long haul? Or is it just a by-product of the popularity of deep house coming through?

A. Mafia Kiss: It’s a by-product of a little bit of everything I think. Who cares where it’s come from though, all I know is it sounds fresh and it’s so good to be out and hear fresh music again. Too many people, especially within the breaks scene, have got comfortable with the same old formulas. I say embrace the new AND the different.

Q. Miss Demeanour: How do you juggle/balance the Dj/party lifestyle?

A. Mafia Kiss: I don’t!! I’m terrible at it!! You’ve seen me, it’s always “more o’clock” on my watch!

Q. Philly Blunt: What’s your favourite late night, after gig meal of choice?
A. Mafia Kiss: No shadow of a doubt, McDonalds Breakfast! Mainly because I’m still up that early or I’ve slept through till the next morning. It just cures me from all the antics. It’s mainly a UK thing though as I had one in Perth the last time I was here and I don’t think it had sausage meat in it!? And for the record, I switch the egg with bacon so an egg & sausage McMuffin turns into a bacon & sausage McMuffin! Why they haven’t just made that a thing already I don’t know.

Q. Sychosis: What’s with your new love affair for eggs?
A. Mafia Kiss: For anyone who doesn’t know, I have had a war on eggs from the young age of two, so my Mum tells me. Just never liked the smell, look or idea of them! But I’ve been trying to lean up and eat better lately as last year’s touring took its toll on me and I’ve been planning my nutrition better so that I can still enjoy going crazy sometimes. It’s all about balance. So I tried an omelette the other day and have since had a few more. I wouldn’t say I’m in love with them, the war still rages on but there is a peace treaty right now.

Q.According To Evie: What Producers are you diggin’ right now?
A. Mafia Kiss: Sly One, Cry Wolf & Taiki Nulight are all doing some really inventive and innovative music right now. I’ve never been more inspired and more torn about electronic music in my life! There is such a vast amount of clever forward thinking tracks being made right now.

 Catch Deekline and Mafia Kiss Friday 15 May
With Support from Beatslappaz, Black & Blunt and Miss Demeanour
Grab a ticket HERE!


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