Fringe World 2015

By Evie Lavers - January 19, 2015

YES! It’s Fringe World Time again. The idea of the festival make me want to yell “ohh sh*t yeah” down to all the funky people hangin' in the Urban Orchard! Though the thought of choosing one show to go to. Not so much. See, my brain will go into anxiety overload. With so many desirable options all I would achieve in a night is; amazing eats from a food truck, a sneaky cider (or ten) and a 3 hour conversation with myself on which show I should or shouldn't go too. And end the end not attending any!So I have invested in the experienced opinion of Miss Jamie Mykael! 
In her own words here are her picks for 
the 2015 Fringe World...

This is Jamie! 

Fringe World: it's like a three week long Christmas for carnies, freaks, and closet cabaret lovers. Non stop performances from the afternoon to the early morning. I was lucky to have a show at the Blue Room Theatre last year and jumped straight into the deep end of the weird and wonderful of the three weeks of 'Perth-ection'. 

As I am somebody who thinks pop music will save the world, it is no wonder I look at Frisky and Mannish as some sort of messengers from the higher pop powers, out to educate the greatness of a decent pop song in the form of a cabaret show. Well, take me to church! They are loud, obnoxious, and have stage presence like you wouldn't believe. Frisky's pipes with Mannish's keys can play any pop song you can imagine, then flip it on its head, and make it something completely new. Whether the flipping is genius, hilarious, or super creepy, this duo are a sight to be seen in their fifth major production, this guys are tight and a total riot.
Just Too Much.
Frisky and Mannish | UK

 Ask anybody who knows me and they will know that I am head over heels with the neurotic and skittish characters of Tomás Ford. End of Fringe is a collection of Ford's various eclectic electronic cabaret tracks with a few guests thrown in for good measure. It's a perfect show to take someone you really love and trust or somebody you hate. Be warned, there will be audience interaction, and you will enjoy (unless that isn't your bag, if so, why are you at a Tomás Ford show).
Tomás Ford | Perth

Do you like game shows? Are you that person who keep Fantale wrappers for the dumb facts? Do you like to laugh? Well, even if you said no, Trivia Death Match is probably for you. The ever charming Adam Peter Scott and his menagerie of guests (ranging from burlesque queens to scientists) battle it out in a game show for the ages, and occasionally, you could win! It's messy, it's unpredictable, there is absolutely no scoring system, and it is pure fun! Personally I think most game shows would be improved with Scott as the host.
Trivia Death Match.
Adam Peter Scott | Perth

This is not a show for children. I repeat, this is NOT a show for children. It's also not a show for the more conservative (but that will probably change). The dynamic and demented duo of queen diva and totally divine Bernadette Byrne and the confusing and charming half man-half woman Victor Victoria are here to spread and celebrate love and making love (and avoid theirs!) in all its weird and wonderful forms in a hilarious cabaret show. Whether they are singing about dreams where various popular eighties rock stars appear in a surreal orgy, or having a sneak 'tug' on the bus on the way home (it's called a Dangerwank, obviously), East End will get in your face, probably in your pants, and steal your boyfriend as their cherished Man Beast. The weirdo relationship between Byrne and Victoria gives me hope, that one day I'll find love like that.
Sexual Tension.
East End Cabaret | UK

 It's so hard picking just five shows to rave about, and I do encourage seeing as much as you can. There are also various Gala formats that can give you tasters of what is on offer during Fringe World, and there is also last minute tickets (RushTix) in the afternoon of everyday during the festival for discounted tickets. Go see some theatre, some cabaret, or one of the million burlesque shows on offer. All these performers are hard working and the ones I have met are some of the nicest people. Support it and make some friends. Stuff happens in Perth, I can assure you.


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