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By Evie Lavers - January 21, 2015

On Friday, December 19, 2014 our Ambar community came together for a Christmas collaboration of fashion, art and music. When the idea was approved to have a live art installation for our next ALLEY OUT! party I was stoked. RLSM, AllOneLine, Deej and KZAM were the participating local artists involved. 3 of the 4 pieces are now available for auction until Sunday 25 January.

RLSM is an illustrator, artist and graphic designer from Perth. With a Double Major from Curtin Uni (Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, Photography Design & Graphic Design + Creative Advertising) this dudes dedication to his art is inspiring as hell! With 4 exhibitions under his belt and a stack of live art accolades we know RLSM is destined for huge things.

Aolie is a self taught street artist who's been painting since 2005. Seeking inspiration from the people that surround him.  He likes his colours bold and bright. Simple,clean but effective characters is what he's all about.

 KZAM first picked up a spray can at 15, from here he knew he had found his passion. Studying Graphic design, it wasn't long before the world caught onto the raw talent possessed by the young graffiti artist. This babe-dude was invited to NZ to work with the renowned artist, Anthony Lister! He trecked it over to become part of the biggest graffiti/street art project Christchurch's ever seen. 

Bidding closes in 2 days get on this to own your own little piece of Ambar History!


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